The title of this project is all wrong.
It is thought from Barcelona, from the city, from Barcelona or any other city in which we live, from that position in which we analyze and think about everything, believing ourselves to be the center of the world.
We think that any territory, place or country that we do not know is a distant territory.
For the inhabitants of these places we are the ones who are far away.
Here in the Breton Islands they call us “those from the Continent”, as if the continent were something distant and not necessary.
Almost all of us encounter existential doubts, probing us to question if we really live and do what we want. To wonder if working so many hours to have a few days off a year makes sense.
Or to analyze that extreme individualism that we have embraced as a society, where being busy and not having free time is seen as something positive.
The first island on this trip is Ouessant, idealized to the max by anyone who has seen "Conte d'été" by French filmmaker Eric Rohmer, a 113-minute film that narrates a young man's attempt to visit Ouessant with his beloved, or at least one of them.
Spoiler, he doesn’t succeed.
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